Foam generator

Mixing head
Consists of a rotor and stator both fitted with intermeshing pins, constant sheer to the product. This results in better temperature control and controllable bubble size distribution.

Double air control
Two ways-controls include high accuracy air flow meter and multi magmatic valves for quick response and constant air flow

Mono screw pump
A screw-shaped rotor moves in a rubber casing (stator). The rotor moves to-and-fro and presses away fluid axially. The rotor is driven by a propeller shaft. This type of pump is excellent for dosing with little pulsations and for up to 20000cps viscosity chemicals.

Multi-languages touch screen parameters controls
Software on touch screen panel can give store multi process parameters for various application uses, which can memory past runs to deduce possible error and ensure repeatedly.

Parameters to set up or control
Liquid pick up, solid add on , machine speed manually and simultaneously with stenter or other connected machines, fabric width, blow ratio, chemical density, fabric weight , machine washing intensity

Foam quality and dosing speed
Foam weight or blow ratio can be preset in touch screen and remain constant after running.

Blow ratio can be 50:1 to 2:1 or 20g/L to 500g/L
Foam dosing speed range from 50kg/hour to 900kg/hour
Foam mixing can be adjustable mixing speed up from 100 to960rpm for required foam bubble size.

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