The foam finishing technology (FFT) process is a novel application system for treating porous substrates with foamed chemicals at very low wet pick-ups. It involves the use of a rapidly-breaking low-density foam or froth as the delivery medium for finishing chemicals, precise metering and flow control for delivery of foam to the substrate, pressure-driven impregnation of the foam into the substrate, and an applicator system designed to allow uniform high-speed application and collapse of the foam in a single step. The semi-stable foam is necessary to get spontaneous foam collapse and spreading though the substrate, and is in contrast to stable foams specified in various foam coating processes normally requiring a separate step to break and distribute the foam through the textile material.

The application of Foam
Foam finishing technology is a typical solution of low-wet and energy-saving, guarantee a minimum volume of wet conditions, but it can make chemicals' uniformly distributed, in compliance with direction of the green environment. Within the past few years, there developed procedures use foams in different form,

it showed a method of producing foam and then passing yarn through the foam so as to coat the exterior surface of the yarn must pass through the foam agglomerate in order to assure a uniform distribution of the agent over the entire circumferential surface of the yarn as it passes through the foam. It showed the foam could be applied on the surface of a fabric or material and still obtains uniform distribution or uniform penetration of the interior of the yarn or fabric. Foam finishing technology has a wide application, mainly for cotton,

synthetic fibers and their blends, specifically, the foam equipments use with heat-setting machine, curing machine and so on, can be applied for the foam sizing, foam bleaching, foam mercerizing, foam printing, foam dyeing. Textile finish such as water repellent finish, fire retardant finish, soil release finish, permanent finish, softening finish, resin finish, moth proofing finish, antistatic finish, antislip finish, etc.

Advantage of FFT
  1. Get low pick up even down to 5% for various applications, quicker water drying with energy saving of more than 50%.
  2. Chemicals can be saved in many circumstances in textile finishing treatments.
    Stenter speed can be increased for drying or stenter, predrying can be eliminated.
  3. Minimized down time compared to padding process by Neovi-Foam’s automatic washing program, auto washing only take 2 minutes for changeover.
  4. Shorten the length of equipment, plant and reduce the investment.
  5. Reduce environmental pollution and water waste.
  6. Can be carried on single or double-side of fabric (can be imposed on both sides with different agents).
  7. Apply to different kinds of fabric, whatever its structure and composition.

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