Printing and dyeing sales representative
1、 dyeing or bachelor degree or above, men
2、 2 years or above working experience in dyeing factories
3、 good communication ability
4、 can adapt to the frequent travel (jiangsu and zhejiang provinces area)

Printing and dyeing engineer (lab engineer)
1、 bachelor degree or above
2、 textile printing and dyeing professional
3、 2 years of printing and dyeing practice, laboratory work experience
4、 have good new things, new technology learning ability
5、 professional English reading ability
6、 has the good team cooperation spirit

Mechanical engineer
1、 be familiar with CAD drawing software, be familiar with Inventor or Solidworks 3 d drawing software
2、 professional: major in mechanical design, men
3、 2 years or above large-scale textile machinery design or paper machine working experience is preferred
4、 with live assembly, commissioning work experience
5、 has the good team cooperation spirit
Working location: Shanghai jiading (the company to provide accommodation)

Electrical design engineer
Automatic control engineering college degree or above, more than two years work experience
Master Siemens PLC programming and configuration of the touch screen man-machine interface or design, programming.
Familiar with electrical diagram analysis, draw and electric equipment installation, commissioning:
Familiar with analog circuit, digital circuit, understand frequency conversion, servo drive system;
Can the steadfast work, strong team spirit, has the independent or encouraged, to complete electrical project experience is preferred.
Working location: Shanghai jiading (the company to provide accommodation)

Sustainable agent
Recruitment requirements:
1、 College degree or above, women.
2、 A years or above related working experience, good English.
3、 Proficient in all kinds of office software operation, skilled in the operation of the common office equipment;
4、Work hard meticulous, of figure. Have good team cooperation spirit, positive work attitude of flexible
5、 Language ability is strong, the thought is agile, sense of responsibility, work with initiative.
6、 Working location: jiading yellow to cross the town. Live in the nearby or rail into convenient is preferred

1、 responsible for equipment department data statistics and analysis work affairs
2、 Make outsourcing processing contract and unified sorting and file.
3、 Every day products, parts of erosion &deposition behavior at statistics, regular check inventory.
4、 assist the department leader processing daily routine work;
5、and other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Above post treatment negotiable interested parties please send us your resume sent to
The conditions for, we will phone in a week for interview.

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